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  1. dear,hank please teach me how to frontflip.

  2. sash

    hey hank ive got a few questions for ya and this is the first my cousin is in texas right now and he wont move back untill 2 years but he visits evry summer so my questions are do you have any relatives in other contries and can you give me some tips on being pationt?thanks youre cool!

  3. I’m going call you soon when you get back your vacashion glad your making more videos
    It’s really good my first time I’m from Texas

    Ps: play five nights at Freddy’s

  4. Hank play animaljam its awesome! Hank do more videos plz! I am your number 1 fan! Your amazing!
    Q: How do I get a cool outfit?

  5. nate

    hi hank but i don’t know how to call you help me ok

  6. i have no idea what a tornado is so call me

  7. mariana

    Hi hank i have a question for you how can i learn to play musical instrument

  8. Trinity

    Hi hank! πŸ˜€ i don’t know how to avoid getting any homework so help me please!! also your…AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! πŸ˜€

  9. Trinity

    Hi hank! πŸ˜€ me again i was always your hugest fan your so cool! i could be your assisnt if i knew where you lived πŸ™ but i don’t! so on to my problem…I CAN’T SLEEP ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! D: so can you help me please! πŸ™ From:trinity izabella dahl <3

  10. Trinity

    Hello hank! :3 i’m a huge fan i really wanna be best friends forever! but i can’t find your house πŸ™ now on to my problem i get bullied by my classmate Lason and he won’t stop bullying me! so HELP ME PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sorry for bursting your eardrums πŸ™ ….sorry πŸ™

  11. Annah

    Hank,I have a bunch of questions.don’t judge!

    1.Dear hank,how’s your drawing skills?
    2.what’s your favorite food?
    3.What do you think bonnie the bunny’s gender is?
    4.what do you think toy Bonnie’s gender is?
    If u r wrong in number 3/4/both,u will need to play FNAF 1-4 completely to night 7.


  12. pia

    hi hank i’am afraid to swim can you help ma to swim because last day i go to a swimming party and my mom want me to swim but how is it .

  13. pia

    hi hank pls help me my sister is pulling my hair what can i do hank last time she pinch so i tell to my mom.

  14. pia

    hank can i get your number but it has no money to give there or yes let’s go to the park and make a ⛺️ and play and let’s and go to hong kong and play a ⛄️ travel to and play all night with a and stay up all night and midnight snack and play to funny and andand ️andand happy andding and go back to are ✈️ lovely home goodnight hank

  15. Clara

    Hey Hank! Hummm… I was just wondering how I can be so awesome like you! I think you’re the best guy in the whole world!!!!! Call me back!

  16. hey hank I was wondering if you could help me out well you see my dad grounded me and my friend Elizabeth invited me for her sleepover how can I escape my dad

    PS he always gets away with it

  17. hey hank! i have a question every night my dad always stay’s up late and he always play’s
    loud music and every time he does that i can’t watch t.v., play video games ,and use my
    phone beacause he can’t hear his music so how can i play my things without my dad knowing thanks hank your the best!

  18. Cadenceze

    Wow I love your show Hank, it is so amazing. Tomorow I’m giving you a call!

  19. Dear Hank,I have been obsessed with a show called Little Shop of Horrors. Cause of that very show I always wanted to be on Broadway. can you give me some tips?